Athens light rail system -

or how did I travel from airport to harbour or the town centre of athens

1. Way - To Piraeus and the ferries

E96 Express-Bus from and to airport

In-motion time dependig from time of day between 60 and 90 minutes
The tickets costs 3,20 Euro for one way trip from or to airport.

The green line shows the route, click for larger map!


map3 kl

For a map of  the airport terminal click here departure arrival, the buses start between exits 3 and 4 on arrivals flat.


2. Way - To Rafina and the ferries


By taxi: A taxi will take about 20 minutes to go from Athens airport to Rafina. There are taxi queues outside all airport gates. The taxi fare (indicative) from Athens airport to the port of Rafina is 35 euros in day time and 50 euros in night time (24:00-05:00).

By bus: Suburban (KTEL) buses depart from Athens airport and arrive in Rafina in about 30 minutes. The first bus from Athens airport to Rafina leaves at 04.50 am and the last at 22.15 pm. Ticket price (2012): 3 euros.


The terminal of the KTEL Attikis buses that perform the itinerary between Athens Airport and Rafina is just outside the Arrivals gate, across from the SOFITEL.

Check bus schedules from Athens airport to Rafina Port (2012).
Also check bus schedules from Rafina Port to Athens Airport (2012).



3. Way - To town centre

Metro Karte

The tickets of Line 3from or to the airport costs 6 Euro for one person  or
10 Euro
(Stand Oktober 2007) for two persons an a one way trip.

For Intra-urban commuting in athens we prefer the day-ticket (3 Euro), a Single-Ticket costs (70 Cent) (Stand Oktober 2007)


Metro en

The Underground in athens has three lines: Line 1 (ISAP oderM1), Line 2 und 3 (M2 and M3).

M1-ISAP: Piraeus - Kifissia
The green Line 1 - ISAP (M1) connects Piraeus with the centre and the north part of the town.

M2: Agios Antonios - Agios Dimitrios
The red Metro-Lini 2 connects  West- und Southathens.

M3: Monastiraki – International Airport
The blue Metro Line 3 the centre of athens with the  International Airport.


Suburban Railway Map


Raillway en
Attention: The SKA-station ist out of order

The suburban railway connects Larissis Station (Main Railway Station und Metro Station ) with the International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos).

4. Way - To the beaches and the olympic places

Light Rail System Map


Tram en

Two tramway Lines connect the centre with the beaches an the olympic places :

Line 1 (T1): Syntagma – Neos Kosmos – Palaio Faliro – Glyfada

Line 2 (T2): Peace and Friendship Stadium – Palaio Faliro – Helliniko.


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